US surgeon sues women following ‘Frankenstein’ boobs claim

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - A US cosmetic surgeon has filed a lawsuit against a former patient for claiming in an online post that his botched surgery left her with ‘Frankenstein’ breasts.

Dr Jay Pensler has taken legal action against his former patient stating her comments about his work were destroying his reputation.

Chicago based Pensler decided to launch his 100,000 dollars lawsuit after one of his patients posted negative comments about his work on websites Yelp and Citysearch.

Two other women posted similar negative comments about Pensler to the sites with one saying her breasts ‘look like something out of a horror movie’.

The women say they posted the comments to warn other women about the risk of using the surgeon who has had 15 malpractice lawsuits filed against him

Pensler is suing at least three former patients for defamation after they posted on Yelp and Citysearch. The women also posted photographs of his work to the site.

In one photo a woman’s breasts are clearly uneven and the nipples point in different directions.

An X-ray from another woman who received a tummy tuck showed an object that looks like a staple and was a needle allegedly left behind by Pensler.

In court papers, Pensler, who calls himself a ‘well respected plastic surgeon’, says the women have ‘embarked on a malicious campaign to undermine and destroy’ his personal reputation.

Carol Oshana, a lawyer for a woman who has declined to be identified, said Pensler left her client horribly disfigured.

“Her breasts look terrible. I mean, I hate the way she looks. She looks so bad,” the Daily Mail quoted Oshana as saying.

Pensler’s lawyer Mitchell Marinello said the photos posted to the site have been doctored.

“The photographs that are being shown are not legitimate and that they are something that someone has made up in some fashion,” Marinello said.

“The allegations are unjustified and completely false, and we’re going to prove that in court,” Marinello added. (ANI)

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