RIYADH - The social networking website Facebook was restricted in Saudi Arabia for several hours Saturday, according to users.
OSLO - Norway's Nobel committee Saturday invited Aung San Suu Kyi to Oslo to make a belated acceptance speech for the peace prize she won 19 years ago but did not pick up.
LUCKNOW - Expressing concern over inconsistency in judgments, Supreme Court judge R.V. Raveendran said Saturday that such anomalies had led the common man to lose faith in the judicial system.
ISLAMABAD - The Pakistan Supreme Court made history on Friday by putting on notice the powerful spymasters of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), Military Intelligence (MI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) in abduction case of 11 citizens from the Adiala Jail, after their court acquittal on terrorism charges.
BHOPAL - A civil court here has served notice to the chief executive officer (CEO) of Colors TV channel for showing vulgar content on reality show "Big Boss" and cheating the audience by organising the wedding of an already married couple.
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