Naked Cowboy sues CBS over ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ promo

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NEW YORK - American street performer Robert John Burck, who is better known as the Naked Cowboy, has filed a lawsuit against CBS over a ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ promo.

Burck, 40, filed a 1.5 million dollar trademark infringement suit against CBS, in which he accused the network of using a guitar-toting drunken fool in a cowboy hat and underwear to promote the TV soap opera.

Burck, who has performed as the Naked Cowboy since 1997 and is often seen in Times Square, took aim at CBS over an ad featuring a character named “Oliver”, who he says is just a rip-off.

“The character, Oliver, sang a song - as is the Naked Cowboy’s stock in trade, and he did so while appearing in Naked Cowboy signature garb,” the New York Daily News quoted the suit, which was filed in Manhattan Federal Court, as stating.

“The depiction of the Naked Cowboy was that of a person who appeared drunk and sexually charged,” it said.

His lawsuit says CBS is cashing in on the good name and reputation he’s built up with years of “guitar, good nature, personality, smile and gentle approach”.

Oliver’s boozy and sexually charged approach, the suit says, is anything but gentle or charming.

“Naked Cowboy had no control over the manner in which defendants depicted the Naked Cowboy in their segment,” the suit said.

“As a result of defendants’ misappropriation, the distinctive qualities of Naked Cowboy were diluted,” it added.

CBS seemed unconcerned with the filing, and a spokeswoman said they will respond with the bare minimum to the plaintiff’s naked allegations. (ANI)

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