Musharraf to ‘return to Pakistan and face court cases’ as soon as party “gains ground”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ISLAMABAD - Former Pakistan President and All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chief Pervez Musharraf has reiterated that he will “definitely” return to the country and face the lawsuits against him.

“I would definitely go to Pakistan. Right now I am heading my own political party and soon as it gains ground I would return and face the court cases”, The Nation quoted Musharraf, as saying in an interview with Arabian language newspaper Al-Sharq AlAusat.

The retired general said he had left Pakistan as he was facing life threats and also because of politically motivated judges there, adding that he feared baseless cases would be filed against him on his return.

Talking about drone attacks in Pakistan, Musharraf said he had never given a go-ahead to the United States to launch drone strikes in the country’s tribal areas.

“One can see that in my tenure only nine drone attacks occurred while in this govt tenure 150 drone attacks have occurred”, he added.

The former military ruler also said that his enemies blamed him for the current economic woes in Pakistan, but even a blind man could judge the difference between the statistics of today’s economy and that of during his tenure, and could then decide who was responsible for the present economic crisis in the country. (ANI)

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