Yet another terrorism-accused acquitted by Pak Supreme Court due to lack of evidence

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LAHORE - In the latest case of terrorists’ acquittal in Pakistan due to a lack of evidence, the Supreme Court has acquitted a person who was earlier awarded the life sentence on two counts by an anti-terrorism court on the charges of being involved in the Ichhra bicycle bomb blast.

Police had arrested Asghar Ali soon after the incident that took place five years ago, and charged him of selling his bicycle wherein the bomb was planted by terrorists, The Nation reports.

He was tried by a special anti-terrorism court in Lahore, which awarded him life term on two counts.

The Lahore High Court upheld the ATC’s conviction, which was challenged before the Supreme Court inter alia on the ground that there was no direct evidence to show Asghar’s involvement in the incident.

Asghar also contended that he had been convicted on the basis of flimsy evidence, and that neither any witness appeared to show him perpetrating the act nor any criminal record against him was available with the police.

The three-member apex court bench accepted the plea and acquitted the accused in the case. It also held that no solid evidence was on the prosecution record that Asghar had sold the bicycle. (ANI)

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