Kasab to appeal against death sentence in Supreme Court

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MUMBAI - Farhana Shah, the lawyer of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving terrorist of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, on Wednesday said her client will appeal against his death sentence to the Supreme Court of India.

“In my brief meeting with Kasab, I told him that he can file appeal to the Supreme Court challenging the death sentence awarded to him. ‘Hum appeal karenge’ (I will appeal), Kasab told me,” said Shah.

“The process of filing an appeal in the Supreme Court can be started only after we receive an order copy,” she added.

Earlier on Monday, Farhana Shah said Kasab has another chance to appeal against his death sentence to the Supreme Court of India.

Whatever the Honourable Court understood was right. They have taken the decision and after we read the judgment, we can decide the legal steps and reasons that we could take to go to the Supreme Court,” Shah told reporters here.

“As far as Kasab is concerned, we will inform him that he has another way by approaching the Honourable Supreme Court and file an appeal and a period of 30 days would be given to him through which he will file an appeal. So, later, the Honourable Supreme Court will decide what to do,” she added.

The Bombay High Court earlier on Monday confirmed the death penalty to 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab, terming the case as rarest of rare and holding there was “no scope of reform” of the convict.

“It signifies the triumph of the Indian judicial system, Indian democracy that we could conduct a free and fair trial in this highly emotive case,” said Chavan, while terming as “historic” the upholding of the death sentence of Kasab by the court.

The court, however, dismissed the Maharashtra Government”s petition against the acquittal of two Indians Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed, accused of aiding the commission of the crime.

A Mumbai Special Court on May 6, 2010, sentenced Kasab to death on four counts.

Judge M L Tahaliyani awarded the death sentence for Kasab on-waging war against India, murder, conspiracy to murder, and participating in an act of terror under Unlawful Activity Prevention Act (UAPA).

Kasab, who is the 52nd prisoner on death row in India, was also awarded a life term on five other counts.

It maybe recalled that ten gunmen from Pakistan arrived in Mumbai via sea route on November 26, 2008 and started firing indiscriminately at a busy railway station, a Jewish settlement, a popular caf� and two luxury hotels.

Several innocents were held hostage over the next three days and at least 166 people were killed before Indian commandos smoked out the terrorists on November 28, 2008. (ANI)

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