Former autoworkers at Calif. NUMMI plant sue Toyota, factory claiming severance discrimination

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Former workers at Calif. plant sue Toyota, factory

OAKLAND, Calif. — Former employees of a shuttered California auto plant are suing the factory and Toyota Motor Corp., claiming they were not given fair severance packages because they were on disability leave.

The suit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Oakland, seeks class-action status. Lawyers claim about 300 of the 4,700 workers who lost their jobs at New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. may be affected.

Many employees received a union-negotiated minimum payout of $21,175 when the factory that made Toyota cars and trucks closed April 1. To get a bigger settlement, they had to be on the job everyday for the six months before the plant’s closure.

The suit claims employees who were on disability during that time were unable to attend work everyday and are being discriminated against by being denied a bigger severance.


Dr. Shilpa
July 22, 2010: 8:14 pm

A bunch of Toyota Motor employees managed to kick out an employee, on Safety violation charges. It was clearly a well planned move to kick him out.
The incident occurred on 12th Dec 2009, and victim (a family man with 3 kids) has gone to Small claims court.

Toyota - you are a bunch of bad people, trying to show that you are smart and can kill people and their families.
Ministry of Labour, Ontario has opened a file number
5768517, and found that worker was working in new area and lockout points were not told to him.
He was subjected to harassment and deliberately vital information was hidden from him. So he was working in pressure and chances of him making mistake was almost sure.!

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