LONDON - Lawyers for the Church of England have revealed that more than one million marriages in Britain are legally "invalid" all because the vicars who married them used the wrong form of words.

NEW DELHI - A gentle wind of change is blowing through the socio-economic and gender mosaic of Saudi Arabia as the orthodox Islamic kingdom opens up to women's education and allows them to find their identity as professionals, says journalist-turned-politician Louise Khurshid.

DUBAI - A newly-married woman in Egypt was granted divorce after she complained that her husband was refusing to take bath for a month.

NEW DELHI - The Supreme Court Friday said married life should be assessed as a whole and few isolated incidents over a period of time would not amount to cruelty.

NEW DELHI - The Supreme Court Monday said there was need to develop a concept of palimony (on the lines of alimony) in order to give compensation to a man's "second wife" if she is deserted after the couple have lived together.
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