Oregon Boy Kyron Horman Missing For 6 Months: New Plea Issued

By Avik, Gaea News Network
Friday, December 3, 2010


OREGON (GaeaTimes.com) — The 8-year-old boy was last seen June 4. His biological parents have issued a new appeal to help bring back home.

Terri Horman, claimed to have dropped Kyron Horman off at school that morning. In divorce filing the boys father stated that he believes Terri Horman “is involved” in the boy’s disappearance. Already $1 Million has been spent in an effort to find the boy nut no positive results have come out till date.

In an interview, his biological parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, told,

We feel the investigation continues to move forward in a positive manner and is progressing toward finding out what happened to Kyron, Briefings continue with law enforcement on a regular basis and we remain confident in the commitment of law enforcement and in the mission to find our son. We have taken critical hits in all of the units throughout the agency to support this investigation, We all still remain focused and relentless in the pursuit of bringing Kyron home, We would like to stress to everyone that Kyron has not yet been found and we need everyone’s help. We still need everyone willing to pass out fliers and/or post them in high visibility areas. Kyron still needs all of us.

The deprived couple marked Kyron’s 8th birthday by releasing red balloons outside a church in Medford, Oregon this September.

Investigations are on.

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