Milwaukee Airport Closed Due to Flooding, Sinkhole opens

By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sinkholeNew York ( - A powerful overnight thunderstorm hit southeastern Wisconsin, USA on 22nd July, 2010. Widespread flooding in southern Wisconsin area closed down General Mitchell International airport of Milwaukee and opened up a giant sinkhole. Two people were taken to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee after they were struck by lightning during this powerful thunderstorm. Traffic jams along the water-blocked roadways were caused by up to 7.5 inches of rainfall of just two hours in that evening.

Storm water flooded the runways at General Mitchell International Airport. So dozens of flights were canceled. Flooding additionally shut off outside ticketing and baggage claim areas. The airfield remained sealed to morning of 23rd July, 2010. An overnight stay in a Milwaukee airport made the stranded travelers weary. Airport officials said they hoped to clear away leftover debris and reopen the runways on 23rd July noon. A 60 years old traveler Marlene Wygle of Green Bay said

I was excited about flying for the first time and traveling to San Francisco to watch my son run a marathon on Sunday and I was disappointed when the Delta flight was delayed three times. I saw the rain but didn’t think it was going to shut down the airport. But, that’s OK. I would rather they be cautious than not safe.

A large sinkhole in downtown Milwaukee opened due to severe flooding. A car fell in that sinkhole. 46 years old Mark Pawlik, who owns a towing company, helped rescue the driver from the hole. The driver was taken to a local hospital in Milwaukee. His name and condition had not been released. According to Pawlik, the sinkhole was about 20 feet deep and 15 feet wide.

The National Weather Service has predicted that another round of rainfall and thunderstorms may hit on 23rd July, 2010. So, it may cause disruptions in clearing the General Mitchell International airport and reopen it. A tornado warning also is issued in that region.

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