Yeddyurappa wins second ‘Trust Vote’ in Karnataka Assembly

Thursday, October 14, 2010

BANGALORE - Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa won the second ‘Trust Vote’ in the State Assembly on Thursday after 106 MLAs voted in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led Government, but the fate of the Government would depend on the verdict of the Karnataka High Court in the case relating to disqualification of the MLAs.

It has been reported that 100 MLAs voted against Yeddyurappa during the trust vote.

Yeddyurappa sought a vote of confidence in the State Assembly for the second time in four days today to prove the majority of his Government in the House after a controversial trust vote triggered a political storm prompting Governor H R Bhardwaj to seek President’s Rule in Karnataka.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Karnataka had earlier on Wednesday issued a whip to all its MLAs to vote in favour of the motion of confidence that would be moved by Yeddyurappa.

The BJP now has a strength of 106 members, including the Speaker, in the 224-member House after Speaker KG Bopaiah disqualified 16 MLAs under the provisions of anti-defection laws.

Governor Bhardwaj had earlier written to Yeddyurappa asking him to prove his majority again on the floor of the Assembly by 11 a.m. on October 14.n his letter, Bhardwaj said the trust vote on Monday was improper and that the BJP Government had failed to prove majority.

On Tuesday, the Karnataka High Court adjourned the hearing in a case related to disqualification of 16 MLAs by the Karnataka State Assembly Speaker, till Monday.

The High Court’s Bench comprising Chief Justice JS Khehar and Justice N Kumar adjourned the hearing after arguments were concluded on behalf of 11 BJP MLAs and orders were reserved on their petition.

They were disqualified hours before the controversial trust vote was won by the Yeddyurappa Government in the Assembly on Monday.

Bhardwaj had on October 10 written to the Speaker, asking him to conduct the trust vote on October 11 on the basis of the party positions as on October 6 - with the BJP at 116, the Congress at 73, the JD (S) at 28, Independents at six and the Speaker.

After the trust vote on Monday, Bhardwaj, had, in a report to the Centre, described the vote as ‘a farce’ and recommended President’s rule.

Before the trust vote, the Speaker disqualified 16 rebel MLAs, including 11 from BJP under the provision of the anti defection law.

The disqualification of the MLAs had brought down the strength of the 224-member Assembly to 208. (ANI)

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