DHARAMSALA - The Dalai Lama is now relying on tools like videoconferencing and Twitter to bypass the Chinese establishment and reach out to the ordinary Chinese.

DHARAMSALA - Thousands of Tibetan exiles who live in India are cheering a high court judgment that ruled in favour of a Tibetan woman saying she is an Indian citizen by birth and could not be denied a passport.

DHARAMSALA - The human rights situation has worsened in Tibet, with the Chinese government cracking down on singers, writers and environmentalists, an NGO of Tibetan exiles said here Thursday.

DHARAMSALA - Home to thousands of exiled Tibetans, 'Little Tibet' - uptown of this hill station in Himachal Pradesh - was peaceful Wednesday as Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao arrived in New Delhi on a three-day visit.

DHARAMSALA - The Central Tibetan Administration has denied receiving any notice so far by the Himachal Pradesh High Court on the issue of purchase of land by Tibetans in the State.
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