NEW DELHI - The Supreme Court has said that it holds vast powers under the constitution and an aggrieved person could not be rendered remediless on mere technicalities of law.
GANDHINAGAR - The Gujarat High Court Monday told a non-resident Indian (NRI) petitioner to be ready to pay costs in dollars if his petition is dismissed on grounds of being a frivolous one.
NEW DELHI - Approximately 80 percent of divorced or separated women in India live below the poverty line, with a monthly income of less than Rs.4,000, a survey said.
CHANDIGARH - The Punjab and Haryana High Court Monday directed the Haryana assembly speaker to decide within four months on the disqualification of five legislators who defected.
HONG KONG - A Hong Kong court Monday threw out charges of unlawful assembly against six activists who demonstrated outside Beijing's de facto embassy over the jailing of dissident Liu Xiaobo.
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