US bride loses lawsuit filed against photog over underwear pics

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NEW YORK - A woman in the US has lost a case against a hotographer who took pictures of her in her underwear on her wedding day and then posted them on the studio’s website.

Sara Bostwick charged that photographer Carolyn Monastra ignored her request not to shoot her in a state of undress as she prepared for her September 20, 2008 wedding.

She sued Christian Oth Studio for the post-traumatic stress she said she suffered when “offending” photos of her in her panties were posted online.

“It devastated her,” the New York Daily News quoted her lawyer Ruth Bernstein as saying.

Bernstein added that someone had previously posted other photos of the Long Island woman to the web.

“This brought everything back for her from the past incident,” she stated.

ut Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Judith Gische dismissed the case, ruling that the studio did not commit fraud or put Bostwick in danger by posting snapshots of her in her unmentionables.

“While the court is sympathetic to [Bostwick's] situation based on her prior experiences, and even accepting that the publication of the photos may have been upsetting and embarrassing to her, there is nothing that would cause her to fear that she was exposed to physical harm,” the judge wrote.

Bostwick and her husband, Sean, had discovered the panty pictures in an online gallery a month after their wedding, and asked that they be taken down from the password-only site.

Studio employee Kathleen Murphy assured Bostwick the photos had been removed from the site, but she discovered in February 2009 that friends and relatives who had been given the password could still take a peek from a different section of the site.

Bernstein called Judge Gische’s decision “unjust” and she has decided to appeal the case. (ANI)

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